Curling in Brno

Carpet curling

New attractive team-building game for both outdoor and indoor spaces and for all age groups.

Sports activity suitable for corporate events, children‘s day, family day, civic societies, active senior citizens, and even for the disabled.

At the client’s request, we can organize carpet curling events inclusive of facility rental, trainers‘ assistance, and refreshments in the whole of the Czech and Slovak Republics.

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Ice curling

As one of unusual forms of a company event you can enjoy a sport event on ice – curling, at any time round a year.

Curling may be played also by beginners. We will gather a couching team who will explain the rules and will assist you during the team competition. The couches are all members of První curlingový klub Brno (the First Curling Club Brno) which is the oldest curling club in Moravia and which won the CR championship in the last two years.

The ice rink is housed in a new attractive ice-hockey hall having the equipment for this game within. You can also watch your contesting colleagues from the warmth of a glass-windowed restaurant while having refreshment.

Fotogalerie Curling 1
Fotogalerie Curling 2
Fotogalerie Curling 3
Fotogalerie Curling 4
Fotogalerie Curling 5
Fotogalerie Curling 6
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