Technical equipment

We provide data projectors, screens, audio equipment, wireless microphones, flipcharts, video conference equipment, computer rentals, large-screen monitors, and more.

Interpreting service

We offer the services of our interpreters in the main world languages, interpreter’s cabins, audio technical equipment, optional chamber translation (such as the opening address), etc.

Graphic design, print and advertising

We design representational graphic drafts of invitations for you, as well as programmes, printing of publication materials and data preparation on CD, DVD or USB disc. We prepare advertising promotional items relating to the subject of the event or to the orientation of the company.


We prepare exclusive dinner parties and banquets as well as small refreshments with the service of a professional team which will prove quite to your satisfaction.


If needed, we will organise transportation for participants in the event directly on location.

Accompanying programme, ceremonial initiation

Artistic performances, philharmonic orchestra, waitresses, models, fireworks, bartender fire show, floral arrangements and further possibilities provide your event with a unique face!

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Fotogalerie Služby 2
Fotogalerie Služby 3
Fotogalerie Služby 4
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Contact us, we will be happy to recommend a location to hold your event which connects with the character and subject of the planned event. We are familiar with the locations we offer in great detail, which is why we’re able to select the ideal place, from a capacity and furnishing standpoint as well as from an aesthetic perspective.

Fotogalerie Prostory 1
Fotogalerie Prostory 2
Fotogalerie Prostory 3
Fotogalerie Prostory 4
Fotogalerie Prostory 6
Fotogalerie Prostory 7
Fotogalerie Prostory 8
Fotogalerie Prostory 9
Fotogalerie Prostory 10
Fotogalerie Prostory 11
Fotogalerie Prostory 12
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